Final Video Segment

With this video project I was the first one to post remarks after it was uploaded and found it reassuring that the things that I felt needed edited in the draft were very similar to the things that other students mentioned later on in their comments.

The first and most commonly agreed upon change was that the title and final credits did not stay on the screen long enough so I went in and adjusted their positions and made them last longer to make it easier to read. I also adjusted the final credits position so it appears that they are scrolling out of the top of the pages of the background book.

The next thing that was mentioned was that the picture of JK Rowling was moving across the screen far to quickly to recognize her. What I did for this was remove the motion and instead had her picture appear in the center of the screen and simply fade out to the George RR Martin picture. This allowed more face-time for the photo.

Mentioned by one of my peers was a glitch during that same scene which I found to be an accidental transitional error so it has also been corrected in order to make the entire scene flow smoothly with nothing to distract the viewer.

The final thing that I changed was the fade in and out of the interview clip. Despite it being an artistic choice to originally have it do that, I understood the remarks that stated it was slightly distracting so I had the bookshelves remain with a higher opacity and left the interview clip without any fading.

I really enjoy the final product on this project and appreciated the feedback that I received in order to make this a video that is not only informative, but also appealing to the viewer.

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