Draft Video Sequence

For my video sequence I wanted to portray that with all of the numerous thoughts that a new writer can read on the ways that one must go about becoming a successful writer, the key is always to simply know why you want to write.

Whether it be the proper process to create a good plot, or the thought that an outline is vital to the creation and flow of a great story, or that a professional editor is a necessity to the success of your novel, the simple truth is that there is no set way to become successful, so with that one needs to be sure that they are writing for the simple pleasure of writing.

The video explains this thought in the intro and beginning portions and talks briefly about how important it is to discover the reason that each writer has for writing. Whether that be for others to read, to make a million sales, to be famous or to just put the ideas that are floating around in their heads onto paper for others to hopefully enjoy, knowing your reason is the first step in being a better and more successful writer.

After this is discussed an interview is played that shows famous author Khaled Hosseini discussing his own personal reasons for becoming a writer and why he still pursues that dream. It gives us beginners the chance to see that even those that are New York Times bestselling authors still write for very similar reasons that we wish to.

The video ends by reiterating that simply loving to write is the first step, and that the rest is a trial and error situation. I have tried self-editing and I have tried professional editors, I have self-published and am now trying to work with a larger publishing firm. We all have the things we love and the things that bother us in the business. The key is to simply find what works for you and remember that no matter how hard it gets, you write because you love to write.


Outline for Final Video Segment

  1. Opening Credits
  2. Fade into a person typing on Microsoft Word
  3. Narration begins
  4. Script talks about the reason why we love to write
  • During typing video, pictures of authors come onto screen to match up with script
  1. JK Rowling
  2. George RR Martin
  3. Nicholas Sparks
  4. Typing video fades out and interview with Khaled Hussein fades in
  5. During interview, background photo of books on shelf fade in
  6. Background fades out as interview comes to an end
  7. Scanning video of books on a shelf transitions in
  8. Conclusion narration about knowing why you write
  9. Video fades to end credit photo
  10. End credit photo transitions in, credits roll onto screen
  • Video ended with clip of a computer screen and someone typing “The End…”

4 thoughts on “Draft Video Sequence

  1. If I could take a moment to critique my own video I would say there are numerous things that I would work on. Starting with a positive though, I would say that the narrative and the interview added were the highlights of my work. I think that the story flowed well and that the structure was well done. I also enjoyed the credits at the end of the film.

    That being said I think that the intro title needs to remain on the screen for a slightly longer period of time. I think that the initial video of the laptop and someone typing is a bit shaky and should be re-shot.

    Something else was when the picture of JK Rowling scrolls across the screen I felt that it moved to fast, maybe I could add a moment of pause in the center of the screen so people can actually see that she is the author of the Harry Potter books.

    Lastly, I did not like having the typing of “The End” at the end of my video. I think I will remove it completely.



  2. Hi Rory. Nice work on your video. I like the story you tell, and I agree that the interview really helps to tell the story. A few suggestions:

    -I agree that the image of JK Rowling moves to fast. Maybe just slow it down rather than pausing it.
    -The images of JK Rowling, Martin, and Sparks are all very small. Is the resolution high enough to make them bigger?
    -The image of Sparks snaps away in a kind of jarring way. Maybe fade it out.
    -I see that you have credits for the interview and images, but I do see any mention of the rights to use them. Are they creative commons assets?
    -I agree that the intro text should stay up longer, and I think the end credit should as well.
    -The image of the books you used as a background on the interview doesn’t fill the frame (black bars on the sides). I recommend resizing it to fill the frame, and maybe blurring it out a bit to put more focus on the interview.

    Also, I’m curious to know why you decided to fade the interview footage and background image in and out. Seems like an artistic choice, but just curious to know your thought process. Overall, a good job and interesting story. It definitely held my attention. I hope my feedback is helpful.



  3. Hi Rory! I liked your video and I thought you used some cool concepts throughout. I like your writing style and narrative. I think the interview with Hosseini works very well. Here are a couple of things I noticed: I like the opening with the typing sequence, but I felt it was stationary for way too long. I kept wanting to see a closeup of the text on the page and maybe the hands typing.. I wondered whether this was someone transcribing what you’re saying.. which would be cool. But something has to break up this static shot. I think there’s also a small glitch right before Nick Sparks shows up.. like a frame of black or something. I’ve watched this four times and saw it every time. The last thing is I actually like seeing “The End” being typed, but I would switch it with your credits.


  4. First off, I love how creative you got with this video.
    I think all of your shots and transitions are really fun and even whimsical at times and i think that fits perfectly into both the topic of writing as well as with some of the book titles you use in the video. I really enjoyed the end scene with the typed out “the end” and thought it be nice to do something similar in the beginning, I like your introduction but thought the first scene of you typing lasted a little to long in comparison to the rest of the video, maybe starting zoomed in on the screen so we can see whats being typed and then zooming out to see the hands could be fun.
    My next suggestion was on the interview portion, I like the bookcase behind the man, but would like to see me fade in and out a little less, i just found it a little distracting when trying to listen to what he was saying.
    These are really the only two suggestions I have and I think you have a lovely start to a really creative video.
    Looking forward to seeing more!



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