1975079_10101676903603700_1013051814_nThe road to becoming a successful creative writer is a daunting one that is filled with challenges, excitement, goal setting and an abundance of planning. It has proven itself to be a process that leaves a writer discouraged and often times wondering if what they feel passionate about is something they will ever be able to do as a full time career.

I have been in the Army for fifteen years and had the chance while in Afghanistan to not only be on the front lines in the Infantry but also be tasked with writing our units story during the time. This entailed writing detailed events, soldier experiences and all around journalistic coverage of the combat tour. It opened my eyes to how much passion I had for writing, not only journalistic writing but creative writing.

During that combat tour I wrote numerous short stories that upon returning to the states I edited, compiled and had published through Amazon. I loved the process of creating something that told a story and seeing the response from those that purchased and read my stories.

In November of 2014 I took the next step and challenged myself to the NanaWrimo competition to complete a 50,000 word novel in one month. I won the competition and my full-length novel While You Were Asleep is currently in the editing stages. It was an exciting challenge and one that I would encourage all aspiring writers to try.

I currently live in central Iowa and created this site to not only present myself as an author but to provide other writers with insights of what I am going through, challenges I have faced and knowledge that I am collecting to inspire them to follow that which they are passionate about and maybe help them along the way. This site will also be used throughout my academic adventure with Washington State University where I am earning an MS in Strategic Communication as my portfolio that will show the skills I am learning and how I can apply them.

This is the trail that I have decided to travel along…

There are no footprints ahead of me…

Join me in creating our own marks on the road.

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