Final Audition Segment

When first approaching the creation of this audio segment I was unsure of the direction that it should be taken. I wanted to talk about writing creatively, but that does little for narrowing down what to speak of in a short 3 minute or less segment. After much debate I decided it is always best to start from the beginning… writing.

I didn’t have much experience in creating professional sound clips because even as a music journalist in the past I had only used clips from the artists performing so I was concerned about how I was going to do this. I decided that a good tactic would be to find a great interview from an author and work around that.

I was able to find a video recording created by Khaled Hosseini which he recorded himself in 2008. In the video he talks about his process in creative writing and what has worked for him in his writing career. I loved the clip, which was 2 minutes long, but my next challenge was picking a short 30 second clip from the piece. I found what I was looking for precisely and edited out the segment using Audition. I added in my introduction and posted as a draft for the assignment.

I was anxious for feedback and the opportunity to see what other classmates had created. Upon listening to other posts I found that many had the same issue with transitions as I did, but I also found that the ones that added music or sound effects at the introduction and conclusion of their clip seemed to grab and hold my attention far more. So I decided to add this aspect to my own segment.

The sound of a typewriter beginning and ending my segment seemed to give it an element of depth that it was initially missing. I loved it. I also adjusted my transitions a little to allow them to flow more free and slightly increased the volume of the interview section to more evenly portray the leveling.

Overall I know this isn’t perfect, but with the feedback my peers provided I was able to create something informative that is worth listening to.

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