Draft Audio Story

Last year in October I decided that I wanted to try something to boost my creative writing output dramatically. I had heard about the NanoWrimo competition that challenged people to write 50,000 words in the month of November and thought I would give it a try. I signed up and the last week of October I spent very minimal time thinking about the plot of my hopeful novel.

Life got in the way, as it sometimes does and I started the month of November far behind. Though after pushing myself to catch up I finished my 52,000 word novel on the 30th of the month. I enjoyed the novel so much that it is currently with a professional editor to prep it for publishing. The satisfaction that it gave me to complete an entire novel in 30 days was incredible.

A few years ago I started my first novel. I would spend hours completing an outline that would work and stacking all of the details and by the time I was ready to actually write I was nearly burnt out on the idea. Not to mention the outline seemed to need updated after every chapter.

The point of those two stories is that it needs to be clear that there is no set way to write and to be an author. Some authors spend hours researching before they type a single word while others are publishing a book every 2 months. Everyone has a different perspective on the right way to do it. One thing that is always very clear though is that in order to be successful as a writer… you must write.

Now is the time. For all of you that are reading this and want to be a writer… I am waiting to read what you have created. Award winning author Khaled Hosseini takes a few moments of his day to talk to us about the process that is comfortable for him to write.

4 thoughts on “Draft Audio Story

  1. Rory, I like how you organized your introduction by first introducing your topic and then introducing yourself. If I am recalling correctly, it’s kind of like This American Life where they capture your attention by providing some relevant and/or thought provoking content, make a basic introduction, and then delve into the actual content.

    If you actually were able to interview Khalid, that’s awesome. It may add a personal touch to the segment if you say something about how you had the opportunity talk with a famous writer. If it was pulled from another interview, you may want to credit the other interview/source directly in the interview.

    You mention the competition in passing in the segment and in more detail in the blog post. The NanoWrimo competition is something that is completely unfamiliar to non-writers. It kind of sounds like an acronym. This is relatively minor, but I feel like you should follow the same rules as you would for an acronym, exploring what it is or just saying “preparing for a competition submission” and completely omitting the example. Unless a listener is very engaged to the point that the look up with it means, they may sit there for the next thirty seconds trying to think about what it may be and miss important components of your segment.


  2. Hi Rory,
    Nice work here! I think this is a nice concept, and enjoyed hearing you talk about writing and then moving into the speaker. I have two suggestions for you. The first would be to raise the volume on the guest speaker, they seemed to be a little but quieter then the portion with you speaking. You can do this petty easily in audition by raising up the volume bar in this section. I found myself having to really bump up my volume it this section. I thought your transitions and speaking portions flowed very well until the end. It seemed to end a little abruptly, and this may be something out of your control, due to the clip you used. My suggestion if this is out of your control would be to add a bit of music, or sound ( maybe the sound of typing) and a fade to the end. You may also consider adding this thing to the beginning such as a fade in to match the fade out if you chose to go in this direction.
    Really nice start and I am excited to see the end result !


  3. I think that after reading the feedback on my post and reviewing the posts of others I have been gifted with some good ideas for editing my segment.

    What I learned from other posts I listened to is that sound being used as a lead in and fade out make a large difference. I am hoping to find a sound clip of someone typing to use for these two sections.

    I also feel that I hould readjust the flow of my information before the interview portion. I feel that crediting the original interviewee and being more detailed in my reference to NanoWrimo would benefit the listener greatly.

    I really appreciate the feedback and look forward to finalizing this project. Thank you everyone.


  4. Hi there!
    Loved your piece. I really thought it had a complete narrative, had good use of “other” voices and flows well.
    A big thing I would suggest is re capturing your audio. There was a lot of outside and car noise in the first part of the audio. I think the story itself is great, but by just recording it again in a quite area would be super helpful. I also heard a few times where it sounded like you weren’t sure of your words so getting a couple takes in would be helpful for that.

    Another suggestion is to not have the transitions fade in. I think you could just have a small gap and then start the next section at the same audio level.

    I also would love to hear the piece start right away as opposed to a few seconds of car noise. Either that or have music or some recognizable sound related to writing (pages turning? pencil writing? I really don’t know…)

    “Sounds” like you are on the “write” path! (Get it…double the jokes in that sentence…)


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