Final Logo Creation

When I created my initial logo the process in which I posted stated:

Considering that creative writing is the foundation of this site I thought having a book as my logo’s foundation seemed an obvious choice. I created it using Adobe Illustrator. I created a rectangle, added color gradient and blur then finally arced Untitled
the image. After that I copied the image, flipped it and aligned it with the first image, which gave me the spine and covers of the book. After that I added two lines, slightly shorter than the covers and arced them. After copying these and aligning them off the spine the appearance of pages was relevant. I then added a drop shadow to the entire book image and grouped them together. I added the business name in all capped letters below the symbol and faded in a sun behind the logo for the inspirational aspect.

After reading through the feedback that I received from my fellow students and instructor I made a few small changes to really make the logo stand out. I went back into the design and attached the pages to the spine of the book while also shortening a couple pages to make them all touch the outer rim of the sun. I also made the sun more prominent by increasing its visibility. By the feedback I read from my instructor I changed the font to make it something that will convert to a smaller scale more easily.

After completing these steps I am really impressed with the final product. Some of the things that my feedback provided me I truly had not thought about in my initial design. I think that by getting the perspectives of multiple it allowed me to further think outside of the box and fine tune my logo to be something worth marketing.

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