Logo Design

In the creation of a logo to represent my creative writing project website, I tried to think about what it is that drives me to Business Logocontinue to write, to want to inspire others and to help others in finding their own path. Much the same process as developing an idea to write a story about, I used much of my own thoughts to create it. I did not go to other sites for ideas, I did not find inspirations based on the work of others. I wanted something simple, something that could be remembered by anyone that sees it and finally I was hoping to reach those inspirational receptors within our minds.

Considering that creative writing is the foundation of this site I thought having a book as my logo’s foundation seemed an obvious choice. I created it using Adobe Illustrator. I created a rectangle, added color gradient and blur then finally arced the image. After that I copied the image, flipped it and aligned it with the first image, which gave me the spine and covers of the book. After that I added two lines, slightly shorter than the covers and arced them. After copying these and aligning them off the spine the appearance of pages was relevant. I then added a drop shadow to the entire book image and grouped them together. I added the business name in all capped letters below the symbol and faded in a sun behind the logo for the inspirational aspect.

I think that the simplicity of the logo will make it an easy thing to remember for the reader. I also feel that the elements used within the logo are al individually important to the creative writer while being, as a complete logo, something that represents the entire premise of this site and my goals.

One thought on “Logo Design

  1. Rory
    Your logo highlights your topic well! One aspect I feel is strong in your logo is your text. Your font choice is strong without being overpowering. I also think the placement of the logo is spot on. It draws you into the logo and shows strength holding the book up.

    One area that you could look at for improvement is the sun in your background. I like the idea of the faded sun that you already have placed. Have you thought about the possibility of enlarging it? Right now pieces of your logo go off the edge of the sun. I am not sure if it was purposely done that way, but maybe it could be beneficial to enlarge the sun a bit so it doesn’t look like the edges of your logo just fall off.

    Another area to look at is the book pages. It may create a more unified logo to have the individual pages actually connected to each other at the spine of the book. I believe you can do that using the Direct Selection tool and moving some anchors around. Also, for some reason the middle page is a bit distracting to me. Maybe because it is the only straight line in the book, but for some reason it just keeps bringing my attention to it.

    I really like the idea behind your logo Rory. I think your concept is great and plays well into your topic. Great job Rory!


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