Final Graphic Collage

Collage Final Pic

When creating a graphic collage that would relate to my topic it took some time before I realized what the perfect idea would be. When trying to become successful writer there is always one thing that seems to get in your way… distractions. After I had the idea I thought for nearly two days about how I would portray it. I had the initial idea of having a winding road with me traveling down it as the writer with all of the distractions that keep me from writing along the shoulder of the road. After hours of thought I decided that was less like the art I wanted and started thinking of a different route.

I decided to take all of the photos myself to avoid any copyright restraints and to increase my abilities with my camera. I had my girlfriend snap the picture of me thinking at my desk first and added that as my collage background. Next I added a photo of my work building, my puppy and my x-box. All things that at least in my life are distractions from writing.

After adding the pictures to the collage I made the background black and white in order to make the distractions really stand out. I also added a frame and shadow to the distractions pictures. With all of them I made small adjustments to the darks, lights, color and clarity of the picture. I also tried to position them as to be looking down upon me as I was trying to think of an idea to write about.

After reading the feedback from my peers I found that what the distractions were may have been causing some confusion so I went back and labeled the individual photos. To the labels I incorporated a inner and drop shadow so the words blended better inside the photo. I also made the distraction photos slightly lower in opacity to make them seem more like what was on mind. I think this was a great addition because it made the collage speak for itself in a sense.

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